About Us


You probably already know that we aren’t like our competition – which is likely why you are here checking us out. As one of the last, if not the last privately held customs and logistics software companies, this makes us really different from our competitors in a number of ways.

First, we put people, not shareholders, at the heart of what we do. That means we focus our decisions on what is going to drive your experience and your revenue. We know that our customers are our business. If you don’t succeed, we won’t succeed. If you have a problem, it’s our problem to solve – and fast, because downtime and delays aren’t good for either of us. And while we can talk for hours about our solutions and technology, because at the heart of it we are a bunch of techy geeks – see our leadership team further down - we want to know you, our customer, by name. You’re not just one of many folks in a queue, but rather someone we value and want to work with. Having a relationship with our customers is important to us. Because without you, there is no us.


And speaking of us, let’s talk about our people for a minute. We are a leading edge software company with people who are passionate about making really cool software. We like the challenge of brainstorming the next big update and then working collaboratively to make it happen. Our Chief Technology Officer is the most passionate about continually improving the software to enhance customer experience, hence creating a corporate culture based on technological innovation and agility. Who was first to the cloud? We were - back in 1997. And how about our API? Go check out our whole page on technology over here click here We could go on and on, but you get it.

And you won’t ever hear us talk about the millions of hours we spend writing code and calling it innovation. Because being responsive and reactive to market conditions is what we do. We listen to customer feedback and then work with speed and agility to constantly refine and update the software in order to provide our customers with a leading-edge platform. Change doesn’t happen in six-week development cycles, so why would we wait six weeks to release the next big thing that benefits all our customers? True innovation needs to happen at the speed of business, not the speed of quarterly earnings reports.

We are glad you stopped by. I’m sure you have more questions – so call us. We would like to sit down and get to know you and how CANdata can help make your business a success.