Customs Flow


Reduce Cost and Improve Margins with Customs Flow

Customs clearance is a complex business. With frequent government changes and updates and you need to stay current in order to reduce risk, save time, and most importantly, comply with regulatory requirements. We believe that Customs Flow allows our customers to reduce costs, improve productivity and service levels – critical in today’s difficult economic climate.


Your partner for value creation in one highly efficient SAAS platform.

Customs Flow is based on simplicity. It’s our goal to automate as much of the process as possible in order to improve the speed and accuracy of the data input, reduce your risk and ultimately improve your bottom line. We pride ourselves on the additional features, tools and integrations available to all our customers.

And while Customs Flow strives to have the most user-friendly interface in the business, our powerful API is continually expanding to provide you with your data immediately for your business intelligence, client reporting and customization.


Government Compliance Simplified

CANdata helps you mitigate the risk of compliance by building the controls right into the software. We understand that the translation of a commercial invoice into a customs invoice can be fraught with challenges. What if you apply the incorrect duty rate? Incorrectly classify the wrong code for the widget you are importing? We simplify it for you by automating the controls for you. You will no longer worry about applying regulations correctly, because they are built right into the software. We do the leg work for you in order to minimize cargo clearance delays and most importantly, fines.


Data Simplified

Accurate data entry is imperative to reduce risk, increase margins and customer experience. Constant data re-entry is not only time consuming, but it increases the risk of error. We recognize that a significant portion of your cost is the time it takes your rater to enter data into the system. If it takes a long time to complete or if its incorrect, you aren’t making money. Our powerful, user-friendly system not only speeds up the data entry process, but allows a junior rater to accurately and efficiently enter data into the system. Staff turn-over? No problem, our clients let us know their staff can be fully trained in house on the software in less than two hours. The simplicity of Customs Flow partnered with the quality of the compliance controls we have built into the software, allows for speed and agility while maintaining a high degree of accuracy.

If you are interested in a partner who will help you reduce risk and increase margins, give us a call to schedule a demo.